Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Should Pnoy Be Blamed From the Hostage Drama?

You can see it in the news, you can see it in the forums, you can read it in the newspapers, and even in social networking sites. People are criticizing President Noynoy Aquino to what happened during the hostage drama crisis.

People hated him of not doing his job, of being in the Emerald restaurant, and even of smiling in the camera in an interview.

People even say that “he is only good of blaming others.”


Monday, August 30, 2010

ABS-CBN Warned Other Networks Against Willie

ABS-CBN wrote a letter of warning to Channel 7 and Channel 5 not to engage with Willie Revillame a contract, insisting that Willie's contract with ABS-CBN is still binding. Giving Willie a contract will result to legal actions of ABS-CBN.

A report said from ABS-CBN News:

“Nag-iba ang complexion ng case. May threat of a law suit already. So, sabi ni Willie, ‘Sino naman ang channel na makikipag-kontrata sa akin na alam nilang merong asuntong aabutin...’ Sa katapusan ng usapan na ito, malalaman kung may karapatan si Willie o ABS ang may karapatan na ipitin si Willie,” the lawyer said.

Willie seems to be bitter of what ABS-CBN did with his show which really did much. As a fan of Wowowie, I would say that Wowowie has really touched the heart of the people.

However, the more I read about Willie's actions and unacceptance of the disciplinary measures imposed by ABS-CBN, this just show that Willie's popularity has already gotten into his head and is rooting well.

Without judging Willie's personality, people can really see this in his press conference, statements and interviews. In fact, try to check the social network and the net about him and let's see how many comments that are against him and those that are for him.

This will simply tell that the general public have lost their confidence on Willie. Even in the post made earlier made here in Filipino Opinion, there are more people who wants Willie out of Wowowie than those who wants him to stay.

But why in the world ABS-CBN imposed this on Willie?

Here are the following things that I see why ABS-CBN implemented some sanctions on Willie:

1.Willie has been known to make public statements live even against the will of ABS-CBN which placed them (in some cases) under sanctions by MTRCB.
2.Such public statements did not happen just twice. It happened several times already.
3.Willie has clearly threatened his employer ABS-CBN first which is the cause of all these chaos in this issue.
4.Willie despite of some resolutions have the guts of demanding the following things to the company where it show Willie's unreadiness for genuine commitment for ABS-CBN:
Payment of talent fee during the period of the suspension of the talent agreement;
Return of DJ Coki and Ana Feliciano to Wowowee;
Change of program from Wowowee to Wowowin;
Inclusion of Pinoy Big Brother winner Melai as host of the show;
Special ID cards for staff of Wowowee;
Special vehicle access privilege for the TV host in restricted areas within the ABS-CBN compound.
5.Willie lost a significant amount of public trust that can be clearly seen in social networking sites like twitter facebook and blogs.


ABS-CBN have lost their trust on Willie Revillame concerning his professionalism. However, ABS-CBN seems to be trying its best to give him another chance and to fulfill its contract with him, but this time with all those precautionary measures.

Furthermore, the network is at the same time protecting its interest that Willie won't do any further damages to the company.

This has been my first time to see an employee demanding huge things from his employer.

Willie on the other hand is trying his best to free himself from his contract with ABS-CBN. Seems like Willie will never be returning again from the company who gave him a name. So much conflict and pain have been incurred from both sides.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Major Major Social Network Phenomenon

Another phenomenon emerged with the social networking sites, we call it the “Major Major Phenomenon.

One article said:

The show was without any major gaffes, except for Miss Philippines' answer when asked what her biggest mistake in life was and how she fixed it.

It's being used now as a joke in social networking sites and text messages. While many people are already making fun out of it, some says its the main thing that caused Ms. Raj to drop to 4th runner up.

Some commented that it's a very easy question like Melanie Marquez in an interview with TV Patrol.
While other beauty queens like Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran sided with Ms.Venus Raj that it was really a difficult question.

Some commented:
“I am also from the Philippines. We were cheering her on and so proud that she made to the top 5. When we heard the question we thought she'd nailed it because it was very appropriate based on what she had went through to get there. However, when we heard her answer, our jaws dropped. I knew that she would end up in 4th after hearing her answer. I preceived her answer to be too cocky. It's one thing to be confident, but one must remain humble. Nobody is perfect. She should have shown she has some weaknesses too, but overcame them. Everybody makes mistakes...this one, unfortunately, is her biggest!What a disappointment. :( “

“I am Filipina. I am not impressed of Venus Raj's answer.
- No one is perfect. And, she can't be a perfect one. She is Boastful ...):”

“Remember the question was about BIG mistakes. She never said she never made a mistake. She said there's nothing MAJOR,MAJOR problem she's done in her life. I'm sure she's done MINOR mistakes in her life but that's not what they ask for. She lived a very peaceful life in a very slow town. They didn't even have electricity. And they even grow their own food.What possible BIG mistake could she have done. Google Maria Venus Raj Wish Ko Lang 1/2 about her life story. She should have said she made MINOR mistakes so it doesn't sound like she never made a mistake ever. At first, I judged her answer too. But read and listen to the question and learn about how she lived her life. Maybe she really hasn't done anything MAJOR,MAJOR mistake in her 22 years of life. It's unbelievable but it's possible. WITH GOD, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Matthew 27. “

Comments are from zapit.com.

Ms. Raj is not affected with all these, eventhough it might really seem a major major mistake. And still, the Philippines is proud of her. Making it to top five is not really easy.

So stop those major major criticism and enjoy the major major phenomenon.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who is Rolando Mendoza?

The more I read articles about the hostage taker Senor Inspector Rolando Mendoza, the more I am convinced that he was actually a good man who just believed later on that he was maltreated by the government.

Rolando Mendoza

He was formerly one of the Ten Most Outstanding Policemen of the Philippines in 1986. His relatives and friends have nothing against him. And the fact that his youngest son is also a policeman just proves that he has been a good role model to his children. His brother Police Officer Gregorio Mendoza testifies that he has been a good police. Serving the country is in their blood.

However, Rolando Mendoza was dismissed by the Office of the Ombudsman in January. This stripped him off with all the benefits he is supposed to get for his service for more than twenty years. Furthermore, he can no longer apply for any government jobs.

This happened after he was charged of being involved in extortion of Christian Kalaw, a Mandarin Hotel Chef.

All I can say is, “sayang”. He is supposed to be a hero but humiliated the beloved Philippines of what he did just before the end of his life. His casket was not even covered by the Philippine flag which is normally done for someone who died of serving the country.

But I still hope that the government will grant the benefits of Rolando Mendoza to his family.

Before I end this short write up, let me give my admiration to the family of Rolando Mendoza. They are humble enough not to defend their beloved of what he did. Saying sorry to the world infront of the camera is definitely not easy.


Public Apology from ABS-CBN and GMA

There's a current online petition right now asking ABS-CBN and GMA Network to ask for an apology for the lapses of their coverage which contributed to the bad situation of the hostage taking drama the last monday.

The hostage taker and the negotiators

Eight (8) hostages were killed plus Mendoza the hostage taker himself. It was a total failure rescue operation which resulted to humiliation of the entire police force and our country the Philippines.

You can view the petition here.

I just wonder why the TV stations don't talk too much about their mistakes??? All their reports are about the lapses of the police force.

Do you believe that media has greatly contributed to the bad situation of the hostage drama? Post your opinions below...


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Venus Raj Made To Top Five

Our Ms. Universe candidate Venus Raj made it to top five. While the Philippines is covered with all the news from the hostage drama rescue operation last night, today, Philippines received a good news from our very own Venus Raj.

Venus Raj was the 4th runner up of this year's Ms. Universe beauty pageant. Ms. Mexico Jimena Navarrete won the title Ms. Universe 2010. Ms. Jamaica Yendi Phillips is the 1st runner up, Ms. Australia Jecinta Campbell as 2nd runner up, while Ms. Ukraine Anna Poslavska as the 3rd runner up.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Hostage Drama Humiliated the Police and The Philippines

It was but a tragic and bloody rescue operation. Gathering all negative feedbacks, most Filipinos who witnessed the hostage taking were angered with how the media and the police contributed to the failure of hostage taking management.

Last night, as I was watching carefully the live coverage in both giant TV stations in the Philippines, I can't help but to be disappointed with how the police managed the crisis and that how the media contributed to it.


Philippine Issue on Divorce

Divorce has been adopted world wide. And this bill is filed in the House almost every new administration. However, since 2001 this bill has never been approved and still one of the most hotted debates in the House of Representatives.

There are mainly two sides, the liberals (pro divorce) like Gabriela (organization who looks after the rights of the women) and the conservatives (anti-divorce) which consisted mainly by the religious sector.

Divorce Rate in The World


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Companies Hate Jejemons

Are you a “Jejemon”? Most probably you are already familiar of the term. But for the benefit of those who does not understand, Jejemon is the term invented and used for texters who uses another form ot texting language.

The dawn of texting in the Philippines give rise to a new kind of spelling language via text. This is because text messages are usually limited up to 150 characters. So texters has to spell “sounds like” terms to shorten the message.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Lawmakers Want Credit For Government Projects

Behold the faces of your local politicians! You will see them anywhere seeking an applause from the people! Just as expected, some politicians wants to see their own faces on billboards of governmetn projects.

There has been a reaction from the minority bloc of the House of Representatives on banning credits from government projects. My previous article about this ban is just a glimpse of what kind of political leaders we have.


New Website of PNoy

Our president launched the new website of our president where we can express our opinions and voices.

After saying, "Kayo ang boss ko" in his SONA, our president is trying his best to live by what he said. Just early this evening as I watched the news, the president launched his new website fully packed with the links of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Stop Political Ads on Government Projects

President Noynoy Aquino ordered to ban political advertisements of politicians on government projects. We all know that here in the Philippines, most politicians posts their faces in front of government projects. It is as good as claiming that they are the reason why these projects has been put in place.

Just today, my son received 3 notebooks donated by our city mayor. And guess what, the face of our city mayor is on its cover page. In a nearby city, government Ambulance bears the name and face of the city mayor as well.


Willie Revillame: Let Me Go!

One of the most controversial issues today is about Willie Revillame. Willie is the host of the famous Wowowie, a phenomenal noon time show which became so popular within just a few years of live shows.

Despite of Wowowie's popularity, its host Willie is becoming more and more unpopular to many Filipinos because of arrogance.

Current issues on Willie's case is about his request to ABS-CBN to let him go recinding his contract on his favor. Unfortunately, ABS-CBN is not stupid enough to grant his request due to the fact that Willie and the network is still bound by the contract.

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