Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Magtataho and Guards as a Source

I can't believe what I am watching. Why would a respected doctor get information from a magtataho and guards without even verifying it before publishing an article about it?

So I guess, anger does lead people in a wrong path.

Furthermore, if you have watched the entire senate inquiry, Badoy is convinced that VP Leni is a purveyor of fake news. This is the price of patronizing a politician.

Fake news is everywhere. Dilawan or Dutertard does make fake news. This is why everybody should filter the information they get, think and weigh what they have heard or read.

Well, going back to the coverage of the hearing, you see someone who made a fake news, wants to make an apology, but at the same time blaming others.


Super Blue Blood Moon

Yep, Super Blue Blood Moon is here. And while I am writing this, I'm watching the live stream.

So did you wish something? Here's a feed from GMA.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Mobile Prefixes in the Philippines - Globe TM or Smart TNT?

Globe or Smart, TM or TNT or Suncellular. This is the most common question when we look at the mobile numbers. In this way, we can have a good picture on what unli promo that we will use. So here's the list:

905 Globe or Touch Mobile
906 Globe or Touch Mobile
907 Smart or Talk N Text
908 Smart
909 Smart or Talk N Text
910 Smart or Talk N Text
911 Smart (unreleased)
912 Smart or Talk N Text
913 Smart
914 Smart
915 Globe
916 Globe or Touch Mobile
917 Globe
9173 Globe postpaid
918 Smart
919 Smart or Talk N Text
920 Smart, Talk N Text, Addict Mobile
921 Smart or Talk N Text
922 Sun Cellular
923 Sun Cellular
924 Sun Cellular
925 Sun Cellular
9253 Globe postpaid
9255 Sun postpaid
9256 Globe postpaid
9257 Globe postpaid
9258 Sun postpaid
926 Globe or Touch Mobile
927 Globe or Touch Mobile
928 Smart
929 Smart or Talk N Text
930 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
932 Sun Cellular
933 Sun Cellular
934 Sun Cellular
935 Touch Mobile
936 Globe or Touch Mobile
937 ABS-CBN (Globe) – not part of unli call and text promos
938 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
939 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
942 Sun Cellular
943 Sun Cellular
945 Globe
946 Talk N Text
947 Smart
948 Talk N Text
949 Smart
950 Talk N Text
955 Globe or Touch Mobile
956 Globe
965 Globe or Touch Mobile
970 Smart
973 Extelcom
974 Extelcom
975 Touch Mobile
976 Globe or Touch Mobile
977 Globe
978 Next Mobile
979 Next Mobile
981 Smart
989 Smart or Talk N Text
994 Globe
995 Globe
996 Cherry Prepaid (Globe) – not part of unli call and text promos
997 Globe or Touch Mobile
998 Smart
999 Smart (old Umobile prefix)
Source: Symbianize


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

SC Upholds Martial Law in Mindanao

Now that SC upholds Martial Law in Mindanao, I wonder what will be Sen. Antonio Trillanes reaction on it. It is as if saying that the Martial Law in Mindanao is rightful.

I've been in Mindanao while Martial Law is being implemented. I can see that security has been tightened and it indeed gave some result of capturing the patriarch so as the matriarch of the Maute clan. It's not so bad.

However, the question of "how long" should there be a Martial Law in Mindanao is still in question. Will it not result to what Martial Law was during the time of the Marcoses? Is Martial Law really good for the country?

What do you think?


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Filipino Today By Alex Lacson

I just want to share this forwarded message to you guys written by Atty. Alex Lacson. And I do hope that in the midst of hard times like this, we will still find ourselves dignified in many things.

Many Filipinos are dismayed and our honor has been compromised. Yes, we are on our knees right now. The only thing that we can do is to humble ourselves, call on God, follow his words, and let God do the rest.

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